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Differences Between Custom Cabinetry and Manufactured Cabinets

Are you in the market for new cabinetry but can’t decide between custom or manufactured cabinets? Custom cabinetry is designed to fit your room perfectly while manufactured are premade and more budget-friendly. But the differences do not end there. Read about what makes these two cabinetry styles so different from each other.

Manufactured Cabinets

Manufactured cabinets are mass-produced in a factory to a uniform size and shape. They are either stocked in retail stores or held at distribution points. The material of manufactured cabinets may be made of plywood, particleboard or a medium-density fiberboard that is composed of wood chips. The cabinets will be more expensive if higher quality materials are used in the process.

Style-wise, some manufactured cabinets have a very limited design palette. Modifications may include changing the color, finish, and hardware on the cabinets. This will allow you to play around with the look and style of the cabinets.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are personally designed to fit your room’s layout seamlessly. They are designed by a professional who will consult with you on style, colors, wood type, and hardware. The sky's the limit with custom cabinetry. With the right contractor, you can literally ask for anything that connects with your personal style. 

The wooden options for custom cabinets are endless. Just about any type of wood can be used, even reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has grown in popularity with consumers as a cabinetry design that can easily be customized. It adds character to a space that only older wood can offer.


Manufactured cabinets provide exceptional cost savings for those on a budget. Depending on the quality and size, manufactured cabinets will have different price points. Custom cabinets will cost more because of the care and craftsmanship taken to produce the cabinets. The price of custom cabinets will vary depending on complexity, size, wood choice and hardware options.

Completion Time

If you are on a time crunch, manufactured cabinets may be a better option since they are readily available. Because manufactured cabinets are mass-produced, they are ready to ship the moment they’re ordered. Manufactured cabinets are also faster to install since all you do is measure and hang the upper units and set the lower units. Custom cabinets can take more time as they are often built on site and may require more time to set into place.

In the end, you cannot go wrong with either form of cabinetry. Find what fits in your budget and your personal style. Consult with our designers at Home Design Center for more questions concerning cabinets.

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