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Countertops That Your Guests Will Love

Make your guests feel at home with beautiful countertops they will love and you will cherish for years to come. Learn about countertops that are welcoming, have a variety of options in finishes, hues and patterns, plus all of the different materials of which they are made. New countertops are more than just a re-do; because of the investment, they are meant to be timeless to enjoy for generations.

Naturally Granite

Granite is an excellent choice for a natural stone countertop that offers a variety of earthy patterns and textures. Granite is made from the slow crystallization of magma and contains many minerals such as quartz. The veins running through the slab are combined with mineral crystals that help the color’s richness stand out. Granite is also very versatile with many styles, hues and patterns. From white shades in the background to green and brown tones, the options are endless, dependent on the region of origin. Did we mention granite is heat and scratch resistant? Talk about the perfect option for those morning visits and coffee talks with guests!

Elegant Quartz

Your guests will be amazed and think your countertops are made of real marble, (without the stress from maintenance of real marble.) You’ll love this money-saving lookalike that consists of acrylic resins and smooth texture. A white backdrop with grey veins is the trend right now for its elegant, classic look. This beautiful slab will accentuate your kitchen and compliment your cabinets, creating a picture-perfect setting.

Wood-Lover’s Butcher Block

If you love the wood aesthetic, butcher block is the perfect material for your countertops if your look is farmhouse, cabin or rustic. These tops can be made from reclaimed wood with the help of our professionals. This easy process includes sanding and sealing. Cleaning butcher block is a breeze, so you can host away and not worry about the mess!

Exotic Onyx

Such a luxurious stone! Onyx is made from unique crystal formations with translucent layers of marble. The material is light-weight, making it easy to install. There are rich depths of colors offered, however gold and polished brown tones are the most popular choices. They can also be lit from underneath to creating an over the top “wow” factor!

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