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The Design Studio at Home Design Center

Innovative Urban Interior Design

We are excited to introduce you to the Design Studio at Home Design Center. Our designers specialize in creating a fresh, modern approach to coastal décor by adding a layer of innovative urban style.

At its core, interior design is the art of enhancing the interior of a building or space to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who are using the space. Our professionals will guide you through conception, space planning, site inspections, construction management and execution.

Our focus is to help define your vision and bring it to life whether it’s just refreshing the interiors or transforming it entirely. We combine function and style when collaborating with your contractors and subcontractors, while respecting the boundaries of your budget. As seasoned designers with years of design experience, the Design Studio at Home Design Center can help execute your project and avoid costly mistakes in all areas of designing your interiors.

Residential Design

Hiring an interior designer is a smart decision if you have invested a good bit of money into your home and would like to showcase it to look its best. Whether you have no idea how or where to begin, or you have an idea but just aren’t sure how to start, or you simply don’t have the time to devote to a project this size, our team will work with you to achieve the look you desire.

Commercial Design

Interior design plays an important role in any business. This includes hotels, restaurants, lounges, retail spaces, offices, shopping malls, banks, spas and more. Homes and businesses have different design needs and its important to rely on a professional who understands the different needs of both.

Lori and her team will guide you through the entire design process from start to finish. Stop by our showroom today!

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